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Hello Travel Club is on a mission to track down the planet’s cheapest, hard-to-find flights and land them directly in your inbox. We have expert agents on hand to assist you, rather than robots, and for a yearly subscription of £29.99 members sign up to receive regular email updates detailing the cheapest flights out there. We aim to save members the cost of their annual subscription and more on their very first booking, leaving them with the funds to turn dreams of far-flung destinations into reality.

 What motivates us is the thought that we helped you plan and execute your journey and saved you time and cash in the process. We don’t have favourite airlines or travel websites and we don’t take any commission. Our success relies on like-minded, passionate travellers coming together and joining our club. So, for less than £30 a year join Hello Travel Club and let us help you explore the world, for less.

If you want to know what we’ve been upto during lockdown and how we want to help you with your first post-lockdown holiday, please visit our FAQ page.


Let’s Travel!


Hello, World Membership! What’s up for grabs?

Access to the best flight deals from the UK to anywhere and everywhere (maybe even Antarctica…)

We’ll save you a huge three-figure sum every time you book one of the deals we publish. Not to mention what we can save you through the ‘Personal Search’ feature… Economy, business class or private jet, you name it, we’ll make it happen

Imagine having a concierge at all times in your pocket… that’s our ‘Personal Search’ option, an exclusive feature for app subscribers

Exclusive access to all deals when you download the app – you’ll be the first to know about them

If you’re anything like us, you’re well and truly sick of the daily barrage of spam emails and newsletters. We’re a human outfit and not automated, so we’ll only show you the good stuff, personal to you. Travel news and killer deals, that’s all you’ll receive

7-day free trial for everyone (before you inevitably sign up to the bonafide app!)

We are committed to giving a portion of every yearly subscription to charities; helping to reduce our carbon footprint and the amount of plastic waste in the Oceans

Further benefits to becoming a member coming very soon…

Super Chill out Plan

You’ve got an eye for a bargain break? Super Chill Out is for someone who doesn’t always have a suitcase at the ready but they relish the prospect of the school holidays or Christmas downtime coming around. We’ll also pass on all of the latest need-to-know travel news, delivered daily for free. (‘Personal Search’ and ‘Flight Deals’ not included here).


Frequent Flier Plan

Hello, to an expert agent in your pocket for just £29.99 a year. The most exclusive tier we offer, Frequent Flier, is for those of you who are on the look-out for a travel bargain, all year ‘round. Frequent Flier members will always have an expert at their disposal through our ‘Personal Search’ feature. We can give you our word that this membership option will allow you to save the cost of your subscription on your very first booking.

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You pay nothing for our app
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Whatever you chose we aim
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Check out all our unbelievable deals! They don’t last forever so, book them asap! Remember every deal has a minimum £250 saving on normal fares.


Book your bucket list trip, grab your passport and go!


Check out our unbelievable daily deals; snap them up before they take flight again!
Remember, our agents scour the best deals to save you at least £250 on EVERY long haul flight.


Hello Alex Mytton Celebrity Member!

Did you know we have a celebrity in our midst? Mega star of Made in Chelsea Alex Mytton is an ambassador for Hello Travel Club. Travel aficionado and globe-trotter Alex regularly visits places that would be on most bucket lists: Ibiza, Croatia, the Maldives, Cuba, and South Africa to name but a few. He says, “I live for those fine days spent on beaches, be it the Balearics, Buenos Aires or Brighton. Travel is my passion, my drive and my weakness. For somebody who can count themselves fortunate enough to be able to travel frequently and always has a suitcase to hand and my passport at the front door, I fully endorse Hello Travel Club. They save me the headache of doing the dull planning part of travelling, and they will save you guys lots of money too.”

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